8 Features That Will Elevate Your Photo Booth to the Next Level

Elevate Your Photo Booth

No matter the occasion, photo booths have become a must addition and are regarded as an effective way to add fun and excitement to the event, be it a wedding, a birthday, or a corporate gathering.

While you have the photographer to cover every aspect and detail of your event, you can use a photo booth to bring out the best in your guests and make it a memorable event for them. At the same time, you can let your creativity shine through by adding touches of your own and making your photo booth unique and interesting for the guests. Here are eight features you can consider to elevate your photo booth to the next level.

1.     Customized backdrops

You do not have to use a plain black backdrop for the photo booth. There are various interesting options to customize the backdrop and take the photo booth to the next level. You can make monogrammed or theme backdrops or have splashes of colors prevalent across your event theme. You can also do a live backdrop with greenery or flowers to make it more eye-catching.

2.     Photo booth Props

Props are a must when it comes to the photo booth experience. Depending on the nature of your event, you can make or get various props according to your theme that the guests can use to take pictures and have fun. Even if you have an elegant event, you can add a certain element of liveliness and fun by adding props to your photo booth.

3.     Lighting features

If you are vying to make the photo booth the highlight of the event, you must ensure that it caters to all the important aspects, and lighting is one of the most vital features. The right lighting can help create a fun atmosphere and brighten the space to set up a mood for the booth and, by extension, the event. You can use neon signs, globe bulbs, light boxes, or candles, depending on the event. You can also use a ring light, but there is an excellent option in this regard mentioned in the next section.

4.     Sound features

If you want to make the photo booth a memorable experience for your guests, consider making it all-inclusive with light and sound features both. For this purpose, you can get a ring light photo booth comprising not only an LED ring light but also high-definition audio and visual features for entertainment value.

Your guests will be ecstatic by how the pictures turn out, as this lightweight, portable booth allows you to set up a premium space your guests can use to create memorable and fun pictures worthy of any social media platform.

5.     External screen

While external screens are not necessarily a part of photo booths, they are a great add-on feature that gets the entire gathering involved in what is going on in the photo booth, and this may also prompt them to use the booth and get their pictures taken. You can do a live video of the photo booth space on the external screen or put up the pictures taken on display during the event for everyone to see. This way, people waiting for their turn at the booth can also join in on the fun.

6.     Green screen

You can use a green screen at your photo booth to allow the guests to have anything they like as the background. While this must be in congruence with the theme and mood of your event, a green screen can help create wonderful pictures and saves the hassle and expense of printing a backdrop. Your guests can use a background of their choice and create fun pictures with the help of props. From a different city to the top of the mountains, there are innumerable options to play with.

7.     Video Recording

You can incorporate video recording in the photo booth so that your guests can record personal messages for the hosts, convey felicitations if it’s a wedding, or record their wishes for a birthday event. Similarly, if it is a social event or a brand promotion, video recordings from important attendees can help spread the message. You can also employ a 360-degree platform to create slow-motion or boomerang videos.

8.     Instant Print-outs

You can also add a printing facility for the photo booth to provide instant print-outs to the guests. This can serve as a keepsake that the guests will take from the event, while the images and videos can simultaneously be uploaded to social media.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to technology, photo booths can be turned into a highly entertaining feature and improve the event experience for the participants. The eight features suggested in this post are some of the many ways you can elevate your photo booth and take it to the next level.

Instead of relying on the conventional ways of setting up and using a photo booth, you can incorporate various unique features to make it the highlight of the occasion and make your event a memorable experience for you and your guests.


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