Home Loan Balance Transfer: How This Option Can Help You Reduce Your Overall Interest Outgo?


Availing a home loan balance transfer option is an extremely popular option among many individuals who want to lower their thorough interest outgo. Using this financial strategy, the borrowers can easily transfer their prevailing home loan liability to another home loan lender at a lower rate, thus potentially saving massive amount of interest outgo over the long term. Discussed here in detail are the reasons behind the rising popularity of home loan balance transfer option. Read on to understand.

Importance of opting for a home loan balance transfer

Flexible repayment options

Many lenders offer attractive repayment options, such as flexible EMIs or the provision to choose between fixed and floating interest rates, during the home loan balance transfer process. This flexibility allows borrowers to customise their loan repayment according to their financial capabilities and preferences. For instance, Ms. Khan opted for a home loan balance transfer and selected a floating interest rate option, providing her with the flexibility to benefit from future reductions in interest rates.

Reduced interest rates

One of the primary reasons individuals opt for a home loan balance transfer is to take advantage of lower interest rates. By switching to a lender offering lower rates, borrowers can significantly reduce their monthly EMIs and the overall interest burden on their loan. For instance, Mr. Sharma transferred his LIC home loan interest rate of 9.5% to ICICI home loan interest rate of 8.5%, resulting in substantial savings over the loan tenure.

Increased savings

By reducing the interest outgo, a home loan balance transfer helps borrowers save money in the long term. The savings can be utilised for other financial goals such as investments or paying off other debts. For example, Ms. Desai transferred her home loan to a lender with lower interest rates, enabling her to invest in a fixed deposit and generate additional income.

Enhanced cash flow

Lower EMIs resulting from a home loan balance transfer can improve borrowers’ cash flow, providing them with more disposable income to meet their day-to-day expenses and address any financial emergencies. Mr. Patel opted for a balance transfer to a lender with a lower interest rate, allowing him to comfortably manage his household expenses and unexpected medical bills.

Improved credit score

Timely repayment of EMIs after a home loan balance transfer can positively impact an individual’s credit score. A good credit score opens doors to better financial opportunities and loan offerings in the future. Ms. Singh successfully transferred her home loan and consistently paid her reduced EMIs on time, gradually improving her credit score and allowing her to access favorable loan options in the future.

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Consolidation of debts

Home loan balance transfer also presents an opportunity for borrowers to consolidate their existing debts by merging them with the transferred loan. This simplifies the repayment process by combining multiple debts into a single loan, often resulting in reduced EMIs. Mr. Reddy consolidated his high-interest personal loan with his home loan through a balance transfer, reducing his overall interest outgo and streamlining his monthly payments.

Improved customer service

Switching to a new lender through a balance transfer gives borrowers an opportunity to experience better customer service and responsiveness, leading to a more pleasant borrowing experience. Ms. Verma transferred her home loan to a bank known for its excellent customer support, finding the new lender’s responsive approach refreshing and satisfying.

Lower processing fees

Some lenders offer attractive deals with minimal or waived processing fees for home loan balance transfers. This can help borrowers save on the additional costs associated with loan processing. Mr. Kumar availed a home loan balance transfer with a lender offering zero processing fees, reducing the overall cost of transferring his loan.

Access to additional features

Some lenders provide additional features and benefits such as top-up loans, which allow borrowers to avail additional funds over and above their transferred loan amount. This can be useful for fulfilling other financial needs. Mrs. Das transferred her home loan and availed a top-up loan from the new lender to fund her daughter’s higher education, appreciating the convenience of having both loans under a single provider.

Prepayment and foreclosure options

Many lenders offer attractive prepayment and foreclosure options for home loan balance transfers. This allows borrowers to pay off their loan earlier without incurring hefty penalties, further reducing their interest outgo. Mr. Gupta decided to transfer his home loan to a lender that offers flexible prepayment options, enabling him to shorten the loan tenure and reduce the overall interest burden.

Protection against interest rate fluctuations

Transferring a home loan to a lender offering a fixed interest rate can shield borrowers from future interest rate hikes, providing stability and predictability in loan repayments. Ms. Sharma transferred her home loan to a lender offering a fixed interest rate, allowing her to plan her budget without worrying about sudden increases in EMIs.

Reduction in debt-to-income (DTI) ratio

By choosing to transfer your existing home loan at lower EMIs, borrowers can ameliorate their DTI ratio, which shows the ability of an individual to easily manage their outstanding debts. For instance, Mr. Juneja transferred his existing home loan to a home loan lender offering a lower rate, improving his DTI ratio, and increasing his chances of getting his future loan applications approved.  

Improved negotiating power

When considering a home loan balance transfer, borrowers often have the advantage of negotiating better terms and conditions with their new lender. This can include requesting further interest rate reductions or other favourable terms based on their creditworthiness. Ms. Gupta, with a good credit score, successfully convinced the new lender to offer her a lower interest rate than initially advertised, resulting in greater savings.

Reduction in tenure

When borrowers opt for a home loan balance transfer with lower interest rates, they can choose to maintain the same EMI amount and reduce the loan tenure. This enables them to become debt-free sooner and save on interest costs. Mr. Singh transferred his home loan to a lender offering lower interest rates and decided to keep the same EMI amount, shortening the loan tenure, and saving a significant amount of interest.

Improved relationship with the new lender

By opting for a home loan balance transfer, borrowers can establish a new relationship with a lender that aligns better with their financial needs and preferences. This can lead to a more fruitful and mutually beneficial association. Mrs. Sharma decided to transfer her home loan to a lender known for its personalised approach and strong customer relationships, finding the experience of dealing with the new lender more enjoyable and satisfying.

Access to more attractive loan products

Home loan balance transfer provides an opportunity for borrowers to access a wider range of loan products offered by different lenders. They can choose a loan that aligns better with their financial goals and requirements. Mr. Deshmukh, while transferring his home loan, discovered a lender offering a unique loan product with features that perfectly suited his needs, leading him to switch his loan and gain added benefits.


A home loan balance transfer is a valuable option for individuals in looking to reduce their overall interest outgo. By opting for the home loan transfer to the lender providing a lower rate, loan seekers can save funds, ameliorate their score, access attractive loan options in the future and protect themselves against the fluctuation in interest rate. With the competitive interest rates offered by lenders like LIC and ICICI, opting for a home loan balance transfer can lead to financial stability and long-term savings in homeownership. So, explore this option to get started with the journey towards a more affordable and fulfilling home loan repayment experience.


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