Israel charities work to break the poverty cycle of the country


Despite Israel’s efforts to provide government programs and assistance for the underprivileged, a staggering 21% of the population in the country still lives below the poverty line. Families within this percentage often struggle to obtain basic necessities, including food, to make ends meet.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated the situation, resulting in an additional 143,000 families facing food shortages and financial hardships. This crisis has highlighted the urgency of addressing poverty in Israel and providing essential aid to those in need. Donate to Israel to show your support. 

By donating to these organizations, such as Isreal Charity, you can contribute to providing nutritious food for hungry children and families who are struggling to put food on the table. Your support can make a real difference in the lives of those facing financial hardship and help to alleviate the effects of poverty in Israel.

The Ideal Platform For You To Make Your Donation 

 Numerous Israeli charities have been instrumental in lifting tens of thousands of people out of poverty. These organizations continue to require donations from individuals and groups worldwide to support their efforts in assisting more families and individuals who are facing hardship.

One such charity is Meir Panim, a relief organization with a mission to eliminate hunger and existential distress in Israel. It is one of the largest and most active charities in the country, providing essential services to those in need through multiple projects.

Meir Panim operates a range of initiatives, including soup kitchens, restaurant chains, academic assistance programs for children, and activities that support distressed youth. It also provides food donation programs, food cards, and redistributes furniture and second-hand equipment to individuals and families who require it.

Let’s finish the poverty of Isreal Altogether

The Meir Panim foundation provides help to families, children, and lone IDF soldiers with their tax-deductible donations.The charity is committed to supporting all Israeli citizens in need, including Holocaust survivors, needy families, and students engaged in volunteer projects. Your donations to Meir Panim can make a significant impact in the lives of those who are struggling and in dire need of assistance.

Join Meir Panim in their mission to combat poverty and hunger in Israel by contributing to their projects and services. With your support, the organization can continue to provide vital aid to those who need it most. ! Together, we can ensure a bright future to the people of Israel. 



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